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about us

We are a Dubai based pet taxi service catering to pets of all kinds, sizes, temperaments, needs and dispositions. We transport pets to kennels, vets, hospitals, groomers, boarding facilities, parks, beaches, pets’ daycare centres or anywhere else your pet wants to go at any time of day or night.

We transport pets locally (within Dubai), nationally (within UAE), regionally (within GCC and MENA) and internationally. No place is too near or too far for us. Wherever you want your pet taken and for whatever purpose, we do it.


For normal visits of your pet to anyplace other than to an emergency, we request that you book with us at least 24 hours before the visit.
Providing us with the complete medical history of your pet, if possible. This would ensure that we could safely transport your pet keeping its unique medical condition in mind.

Although we don’t intermingle your pet with the pets of any other clients of ours, we would still like to know if your pet is prone to aggression, stress, nervousness, shyness, etc. when in the company of other pets or people.

Our Transport Equipment

We are the only Pet Taxi service that has its own boats to ferry your pet to nearby regions. We also have cars, vans and trucks that have been modified keeping the comfort, safety and health of your pet in mind. We strive to offer comfortable, safe and enjoyable journeys for your pet while we transport them from one place to another. All vehicles come equipped with:

  • Special seats & benches
  • Crates in the rear of the vehicle for secure transport, if needed
  • Portable steps to ease entering and exiting the vehicles
  • Stretchers (for sick or injured pets)
  • First aid kits
  • Oxygen masks & cylinders
  • GPS for the quickest, safest and most direct routes


Our prices vary depending on:

  • The final destination of your pet
  • A round trip or a one-way journey
  • A normal or a medical emergency trip
  • Any special/unique needs of your pet
  • Any other special requests from you for your pet
  • Please contact us with details of your pet’s trip to get a quote.